Wawa Lake Trout Fishing

Hidden River Lodge is located on Whitefish Lake, which is part of the famous Michipicoten River System. The closest civilization is the tourist outpost town of Wawa, Ontario. Hidden Lake has great fishing for Lake Trout. They do occasionally get big ones but most are in the 1 to 6-pound range and are available in great numbers. The reason big ones are not caught is because there are too many Lake Trout in their lake. They have nice comfortable cabins and really nice boats and an extremely affordable price.

Below are Lake Trout fishing lodges in Missanabie, which is about an hour's drive from Wawa

Camp Missanabie is a housekeeping lodge located near the outpost settlement of Missanabie, Ontario, which is north of Wawa and Chapleau and on the western edge of Missinaibi Provincial Park. They are located on Dog Lake, which has fantastic Lake Trout fishing. The camp is known for being a cooler spring fed lake. As a result the Lake Trout are not too deep during the heat of the summer and are easy to catch. Lake Trout in the lake are common in the 2 to 15-pound range but bigger trout do get caught many times during the Spring, Summer and Fall. They also have outpost fishing cabins on the lake in remote regions that rarely get fished.

Murray Lake Cottages & Outpost Camps is located south of Missanabie and between Wawa and Chapleau, Ontario. They do have Lake Trout in their lake but they are not found in great numbers. However, they have boat caches on two remote backcountry Lake Trout lakes that have fabulous Lake Trout fishing. On these lakes you can easily catch between 10 and 20 Lake Trout per day. Most will be good eating size around 2.5 pounds but bigger ones do get caught. From Murray Lake you have boat access to Dog Lake, which has giant Lake Trout up to 30 pounds but it's a gigantic lake and the trout are harder to find. You will never see the numbers that you will see at the backcountry lakes. They have five lakefront housekeeping cabins that sleep between four and nine adults. They have two boat-to outpost camps on Loon Lake and Shikwamkwa Lake and both camps have fantastic fishing. Their rates are the best in Ontario. They also have fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Perch.

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